The Burning Sands - Tainted in a Foreign Land

The Pillowbook of Usagi Ariso VIII

Month of the Dragon, Day Twenty Three

Tiru has been melacony as we’ve travelled along the salt flats towards the Moto.

When night fell, we saw a fire up ahead. I scouted ahead, and found an old woman with a rashari wagon and an old woman in a bright cloak with a large dog Ami.. Her eyes were milky white, and she saw me, even though I was silent as a shadow. She called me forward, and said we were expected. I went back and got the others.

She introducted herself as Zaphar Groma, and when she did, Myrial whispered “The Gray woman?”

She prepared food for us. She called Niaomi little leaf, but there’s nothing little about Niaomi’s leaves. She was headed to the oasis, and she stopped to talk to us. She was heading towards the White Guard. She then offered to tell us our futures for a small fee.

Yeshpal then introduced himself to her, saying she was the head of the Rashari. Apparently, they’re beggars…

I went with Zaphar-Sama into the back of her wagon. It was dark, with colourful cloths hanging around a small glass ball. She chanted for a few moments, and then the ball burned with a bright light, and here eyes regained the colour they lost years ago. She said I may find my equal in the Jewel. She couldn’t tell me how to destroy the sword, but she said the answer awaiting in the Jewel.

Month of the Dragon, Day Twenty Four

In the morning, Zaphar-Sama was gone. So was Myrial was gone. Zaphar left directions with Tsuruchi Niomi

Month of the Dragon, Day Twenty Seven

That morning, as we headed further into the desert, six fast riders approached. They were dressed like Moto white gaurd. We introduced ourselves to Moto Santria, and told her that we needed to find passage to the Jewel, and she agreed to introduce us to the Tar-Kahn. The escorted us to a cavern in the rocky barrier mountains. In the base there was a lush river valley. A couple hundred people in the valley. They took us to a large tent in the back of the encampment.

The tent reeked of red meat. A man met us and spoke Rokagani, and we presented Tar-Kahn with our gifts. We ate with them, and the meat was delicious. They offered to help us, but we would have to wait a week. They had baths and I showed Yeshpal some kenjitsu, impressing him and all the Unicorn my swordmanship.

Month of the Dragon Day Twenty Eight

Niaomi-san started training with the battle madiens. It was … I look I could live with. That night they had a banquet, and I made friends with a pretty lady named Aruko. We’re pretty good friends at this point.

Month of the Serpent, Day Four

This morning, Aruko and I woke up to the sound of alarm bells. We found that the Moto were coming. For some reason the Moto and the White Guard here don’t get along. I couldn’t let Aruko get hurt, so I prepared to fight. The Khan needed me to scout a pass to the north, and I found a group of Moto there, so I let off a warning whistler and rode back. They tried to follow me, but Naiomi is too worried about me getting hurt, and she had shadowed me from the top of the cliffs.

I rode back to the Tar-Kahn, and we fought off some of the raiders. Then the Mot’s leader challanged them to a duel. Tiru accepted, but I couldn’t let Diagotsu Jin’s blade fall. I left before the outcome was determined. Tiru one, so I snuck back down.



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