A politically powerful diplomate who watches his back at all times


Omar Alhaggar grew up a shipwrites son. In the city of Senpal that gave him a leg up from the beginging. He and his brother grew up learning from his father profession and Omar himself was being groomed to take over at the time of his fathers mysterious death.

At Just 14, Omar took control of his fathers household, and clamed the family name of Al-Haggar for his own (like his father before him). Much to the dissmay of likely predissesors he thwarted any attempt to upsur him from his rightful place in his household with ease. In one such attempt his brother Zaphire-Alhaggar was kidnapped and persumed dead. With a heavy heart Al-Haggar strengthend his resovle and continued pressing on. No one ever figured the 14 year old would be a Genius of Commerce.

Now at the age of 25, Al-Haggar has 7 wives (a sign of great power), 10 sons and the ear of the Sultan. His love for forign artifacts and new stories make his home a welcoming place for forigners.

He is in the process of trying to ban slaves from one of the 7 kindoms of ivory, in hopes that the others will follow suit. This has made him many enemies in the kingdom he servesk, but he knew it would. “Great men didnt become that way by doing something easy”


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