Diagotsu Jin

The Lost who once held the Obsidian Blade


Born 1150


Diagotsu Jin is the son of Ikoma Benjiro, who was supposed to have died when he was eight years old. Raised in secret, he became a powerful warrior of the Lost. At one time, he mantained a secret keep in the woods near Southern Woods Village, but the taint of his servants and his lust for vengance led the servants of Akodo Hoshi to raid his estate.

He nearly killed Hoshi’s cousin Akodo Iroden in a duel, and took the title of Fukuharashi Champion from Kakita Tiru in a duel, and tainted both samuria in the process. He slew Hida Oki when the Crab bushi led the attack on his home, and was killed by a magic arrow created by Kitsu Diaki and fired by Kitsu Kosho.

Somehow, he returned from the dead. Using a maho spell, he entered the Fukuharashi tournament. He wore the face of Ikoma Akechi, and the spell concealed his Tainted nature, the black armour that grows from his flesh, and the terrible stench that now acompanies this abomination. While he was unbeaten in the tournament, Akodo Iroden was able to unmask him.

Diagotsu Jin

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