Jenmax- Alhaggar

Small quick witted kid that has found a hero in Usagi Ariso


Jenmax-alhaggar has always had a nack for getting into trouble. From an early age he would climb everything and hide everywhere. In a city where kiddnapping and murder is second nature his father, Al Haggar, is always punishing him in the hopes that he will learn.

Life is boring for a ten year old at his father estate. Jenmax has taken it upon himself to learn the “unsavory” arts. He is profitant with knives and, although has never been in an actual dual, could hold his own in a fight with a man twice his age.

Recently Jenmax is more interested in the Strange foregners that have visited his father. They are traveling to complete some important quest and Jenmax wants to be part of it. He would never get permision from his father but it is better to ask forgiveness then permision.

He now follows Usagi Ariso and Kakita Tiru to anywhere they will lead.

Jenmax- Alhaggar

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