Kenso is a Ronin from the Emerald Empire. He jioned Usagi Ariso and Kakita Tiru in mantis lands before they arrived in the sands. Once they were inland a Black snake bit him and his companions raced him to medical help. The first place they found was a Monistary run by monks of Osana Wo, from rokugan. The monks were stumped as to what was wrong with him and began treating him for every snake bite they had ever seen. When Kenso was at Deaths door he made an amazing recovery that suprised all of the monks. Within an hour he was fine. As his companions had already left he packed his things and left.

He was only a mile or two from the Monistary when the jin appeared. “Remember our deal Kenso, your life for the sword.” as he passed him a bottle of liquid.

Kenso got to the city and started his preperations. He needed to get the sword and deliver it to the catacombs within 3 months or he would find himself too close to death again. Death in Rokugan did not scare him, many people have come back from death and he knew there was an afterlife. Out here he was’nt so sure….


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