Usagi Ariso

A hedonist lech on his way to enlightenment


Rank 1 Usagi Bushi, Rank 1 Monk of Osano Wo


Usagi Ariso mastered the art of his clans style quickly, but was never what his family expected of him. He was easily distracted by a a bottle of sochu, a game of dice, or most importantly, a pretty girl. After his Gempekku, he spent a great deal of time in Ryoro Owari, at the Dojo of Lies, letting the Scorpion “Take Advantage” of him.

When he was summoned by the Hare Damiyo, he went to Toshi Ranbo, and was a guest of the Monkey Clan Damiyo, Toku Sungoku. In an alliance between the Hare, Monkey and Crane, he was asked to remove the sword of the villian Diagotsu Jin from Dragon lands and take it beyond Rokugan. He was also to escort Kakita Tiru, a victim of Diagotsu Jin’s. If Tiru’s taint could be healed, this was liked by the alliance, but not necessary to Ariso’s return.

Ariso has begun to question Bushido and the tennants of honour, slowly adopting a more humanist approach to life. He has studied Shinsie and the fortunes at the Temple of Osana-wo, and is nearly ready to set aside his dashio. He’s just not sure if he’s ready for all that the monks vows entail.

There is a lot of sake to be drank, a lot of games to be beaten, and a lot of lonely women still out there, after all.

Usagi Ariso

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