The Burning Sands - Tainted in a Foreign Land

The Pillowbook of Usagi Ariso Part III

1170, Month of the Tiger, Day 12

We’ve reached the coast, and I’ve convinced a Mantis captain to take us aboard. I don’t want to record his name, not while this book is still in the Empire. After all, he may very well be defying his lord and these pages aren’t beyond Her Heavenly Excellencies boundries. I’ve been more forthcoming than I ought with him, and secured his help.

Month of the Tiger, Day 14

I’ve convinced Kenzo, a ronin in our captain’s employee, to join us. Wave men know ways to get by without a lord to provide for them, something we’ll need so far from home.

Month of the Tiger, Day 15

Last night, a group of Oni from the Shadowlands attacked our ship. They flew from the darkened forrests. Tiru went on deck, and faced them, while I protected the sword. Tiru’s blade is swift, and he’s starting to make himself useful.

Month of the Tiger, Day 20

We reached the edge of the Emerald Seas. Our Captain transfered us over to an enourmous gaijin boat. I can’t pronounce it, or the names of anyone I’ve met. It’s kind of disconcerning.

There is a girl on board, however, that makes up for all of it.

Month of the Tiger, Day 21

She’s the Captian’s Daughter. I don’t want to get on his bad side. He’s obsessed with swords. You should have seen Tiru’s face when he offered to buy the Kakita blade. It was one of the greatest moments of my life. A man who would try to buy Tiru’s sword probably knows how to use one.

But that gaijin woman would be worth the risk.

Month of the Tiger, Day 22

They have something called bakon. It’s amazing. It’s some kind of smoked meat. Tiru thinks it comes from boars. He pouted and refused to eat it. I told him that if it was from boar, I really need to get me some boar. It’s almost enough to make me stop thinking about the captain’s hot daughter. Almost.

Month of the Tiger, Day 23

Seriously, how is she resisting me? Gaijin women are strange. She’s obviously interested, but she always turns me down at the last minute. I’ve met Crane’s less concerned about what’s proper.

Month of the Tiger, Day 27

It’s the end of our trip, and I spoke to the Captain’s Daughter. I asked her what I did worng. She told me the only reason she didn’t was because she was engaged. I let her know that this wasn’t a problem, her fiance would never know.

Then she told me that it wasn’t about politics. She was getting married for love, even though she’s pretty much a samuria amongst her people. I told her she was lucky to love the man she had to marry. She told me she wasn’t, that love matters more than treaties.

I told Tiru about it and he pouted some more. I don’t know how well he’s going to do out here if he hates everything they do.



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