The Burning Sands - Tainted in a Foreign Land

The Pillowbook of Usagi Ariso Part I

A summons to Toshi Ranbo

Month of The Ox, Fourteenth Day

I recieved a letter today from Toku Sungoku, the Monkey clan damiyo. In it, he begs me to come and see him in Toshi Ranbo. While I hate to leave Ryoko Owari unprotected, with too much sake unguarded, and the virtue of all these beautiful Scorpion girls left in their own questionable judgement, I hate to make a proud man weep. I’ll spare a few moments to go see him.

Month of The Ox, Twenty Third Day

I hope that in her divine wisdom, our Heavenly Empress Hantei XXXX, Whom We Call Tenko, on her descent, saw the roads, and the length of them. She should call in her Imperial Cartographers and discuss what she saw. After nine days, I reached the capital. Nine. Days.

I arrived and settled in to Toku-Sama’s fine estate. He’s asked me to come with him to court tomorrow. Of course, my charms will be necessary. Obviously, in a time of great need, he called in the greatest orator of our times.

For now, I’ve been left in the care of one of his servants, Zenzen-chan and I’m doing my best to get her to take better care of me.

Month of the Ox, Twenty Sixth Day

At court, it turned out they needed me not for the skills of my tongue, but those of my hands. There is this sword, owned by some villian by the name of Diagotsu Jin, and the Dragon, with all their wisdom, haven’t been able to destroy it. So of course, it falls on a Hare. Most specifically, this Hare. Unfortunately, the Great Clans are all too busy making sure to watch their backs that they’ve run into a wall. No one wants to offend the Dragon by telling them to go to Arisu.

Usagi Ozaki, the Hare Clan Damiyo has Doji Domotai and Sungoku-sama convinced. However, the Dragon are doing their damndest to drag on with this. Drastic measures time.

While no one can say it, the obvious solution is to steal the sword. Without revealing my plan, I’ve asked for the aid of the Champions. Kakita Tiru, a Crane clan, is all the support they can provide. I hope his blade is sharper than his wits.

I’m going to take the sword beyond the Empire, and see if there’s a way to destroy it out there. The crane is tainted by it, and so they hope I can help him. Aparently, he’s more than just a pretty face to someone. I let Zenzen-chan know I had to leave on an important mission, and may never come back. She cried in my arms, and wished me the fondest of farewells. I’ll probably never forget her.



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