The Burning Sands - Tainted in a Foreign Land

The Pillowbook of Usagi Ariso Part II

Assault on the Temple

1170, Month of the Tiger, Fourth Day

Kakita Tiru is not one for travelling rough. Every night on the snowy roads he moped about the lack of acomodations. Does he think I don’t miss Tenten? I mean, it’s been a week! How am I supposed to surive?

We’re huddled by a small fire, waiting for night to fall. I think Tiru may have realized our visit to the temple is not entirely above board, but as long as I make it his duty and let him save face if we fall through the shoji screen, we should be fine.

Month of the Tiger, Fifth Day

It’s a good thing they sent me. Otherwise, this whole thing would have fallen appart. When we reached the Mountain of Fire, the Temple was under attack by Oni. On the way in, I was forced to crush an ogre’s skull with my bow. Inside, we found the Obsidian Blade on an alter.

Between it and us stood a four armed Oni. I didn’t want Tiru to feel useless, so I let him overcome his fear and face the beast. He did alright, but the thing was powerful, so before it could overwhelm him, and stepped forward and saved his life. I wrapped the blade in Jade cloth, and carried him away. We’ve been travelling most of the night, and I hope to set out to Nikesake soon, but Tiru is in rough shape.

Month of the Tiger, Ninth Day

We’ve reached Nikesake. Tiru stares strangely at the sword when it’s unwrapped, so I try to keep it from him. I’ve set him up in a Ryokan, and found the nearest geisha house.

Thank Benten for the low end geisha house. Momo understood my needs extended beyond Ocha, and with my silvered tongue and a liberal dose of kuku, I find myself truely relaxed. She’s exhausted, and is leaving me alone as I write. Today has certainly been the best of this week.



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