The Burning Sands - Tainted in a Foreign Land

The Pillowbook of Usagi Ariso Part IV

The Shores of the Ivory Kingdom

1170, Month of the Tiger, Day Twentyseven

As we headed towards the city, Kenzo was bit by a snake. The posion seeped in, but we were near a monastary. They agreed to help him, and it turned out they were monks of Osano Wo, from Rokugan. I’ve actually been training with the monks, and … and their mediations and Kihos make sense. We need to spend some time here, to see if they can help.

1171, Month of the Hare, Day One

It’s New Years, and I don’t think I’ve woken up alone on a new year since I turned thirteen. Instead, I’m practicing Zanji. I miss you, Chenchen and Momo.

Month of the Hare, Day Four

Kenzo will still need some time, but the monks can’t help us. We need to move on. We have a letter of introduction to a man named Al Haggar. We should reach the city tomorrow night.

Month of the Hare, Day Six

I think I love the Ivory Kingdoms. Al Haggar is some sort of magistrate or governor or something. He has a beautiful manor, and has treated us like the most generous Scorpion lord. His son, Jenmax-Haggar is young, maybe twelve or fourteen, but he has an amazing two knife dueling style. It’s like a mix between Niten and the Ujina style. I like it, but I’m finding a strange peace when I practice the juijitsu I learned with the monks. Otherwise, I might train with Jenmax.

I like him. He reminds me of my favourite person — Usagi Ariso.

In the evening, there was a banquet. It started out familiar, but soon it became reminiscent of Tear Drop Island. It wasn’t an exact replica of the House of Foriegn Stories, but it was exotic food and strange customs. Magda isn’t from the Ivory Kingdoms, but it’s the closest I know. There were acrobats, and I showed them what I could really do. They brought out what looked like the Dragon’s Instrument. I usually refrain, but it was important to Al Haggar.

It was also funny to give Tiru some Dragon’s Breath. It hit him hard. He was flirting and dancing, and acting like he was alive. If he makes it home, I’m going to take him to the floating world.

I’m not sure who I just sent home, but I truely, truely love Al Haggar’s hospitality. I hope the women remain like that as long as we remain here.



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