The Burning Sands - Tainted in a Foreign Land

The Pillowbook of Usagi Ariso, Part VI

Wandering through the Clay Flats

1171, Month of the Hare, Day Eight

We’ve decided to leave town. We will head to the Library of Talus to see if there was any information on the obsidian blade. There may be others following Tsuruchi Niomi and we don’t have time to deal with the Vendetta they’ve declared on Kakita Tiru. He’s died his hair, and he nearly looks Bayushi. We’re hiring guides, and I’ve bought some jade to grind up with a mortar and work into some cloth. The obsidan blade is tainting the cloth, so I’m trying to make a new one.

Yeshpal of the House of the Mighty Rat decided to hire a guide named Bosco. He is a dick and I hate him. The other option was Myrial who was better, smarter, and more competant.

I judge people solely on their physical appearance.

Month of the Hare, Day Eleven

Deserts suck. We’ve been riding a few days, and we keep seeing fires behind us. They haven’t come close, and we were going to do something about it, but the winds picked up and there was a dust storm. We set up low tents, and I tried to convince Niomi and Myrial that they needed me for protection. They thought they were fine, so I’m stuck in the other tent with Yeshpal, Mopey, and Dickface.

Month of the Hare, Day Twelve

We met a group of Ra’shari. They wander around in wagons that are like huts on wheels, wearing bright colours, and doing odd jobs and entertaining. They’re kind of like a travelling festival. I’ve made friends with Shadiar, their king, and impressed their bravest warriors. I’ve also convinced some beautifulRa’shari ladies to sing me several beautiful songs.

Month of the Hare, Day Thirteen

Last night, while I made beautiful music, Naiomi and Tiru found Kenso and Jenmax- Alhaggar We’ve had them join us, and we were travelling with Ra’shari when a giant bird, called a Roc swooped down and grabbed a horse. Niomi and I shot at it, but it was the size of a house, and the best we could do was chase it off before it grabbed more horses. The Ra’shari needed to stay and bury the onethere’s the Roc killed, so we headed off on our on.

Month of the Hare, Day Twenty

We reached the Library of Talus. The monks expect us to read ourselves. I’m thinking that this might be a good place to retire, since you don’t really need to work.

Month of the Hare, Day Twenty Four

We’ve been reading for days, and the best we can find is that there’s some references to the Ashlan, an ancient race of sorcerers. We’re heading to a place called the Jewel to learn more. We’ve gotten rid of Dickface McBosco, and we’re just staying with the talented Myrial.

Month of the Hare, Day Twenty Five

Kenzo fucking poisoned us and stole the obsidian blade. That fucker is going to die.



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